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In 1999 I went from being a volunteer chaplain in Oregons largest youth correctional facility to a state licenced vocational teacher.

My students were intrigued with the Mazda Rotary and my teaching platform was structural welding - so we combined the two and I brought in a 1979 RX7 for fabrication.

The following modifications were done on UUMV:

  1. Full cage from front to rear
  2. Doors gutted and side bars installed
  3. Top removed
  4. Strut tower bracing
  5. Unibody frame boxed
  6. Front A-arms boxed
  7. REPU rear end installed w/4.65 rear end gears
  8. Solid Transmission mount
  9. Solid engine mount
  10. Battery box moved to rear
  11. Stainless steel bumpers

                            UUMV will be on the road summer of 2014

If you see this car do not approach , call local law enforcement

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