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Race cars run 500 miles, street cars are warranteed 12 months /12,000 miles, but what if people really do live eternally through faith in Jesus Christ?

Is that a sobering thought or maybe even a sore subject for you? It was for me as well at one time . . . . . . . . .

Hey I can go ahead and live all my days in my garage, pour motor oil all over my head, but that doesn't make me a Mazda. You may even have been raised in church or go to church religously your whole life, that doesn't make you a Christian. . . . . . . The same thing that makes a Mazda a Mazda is the same thing that makes a Christian a Christian- Its' maker

Now don't get me wrong I 'm religious, I religiously change my oil, I religiously brush my teeth, I religiously take a shower (you should praise God for that) and I religiously read my Bible, pray , sing and praise God.

Do you get nutted up? Does life get hard sometimes? Have you been hurt by a church? Maybe you've even offended by some "Christian", hey I've been offended at the bank- still use it, the store- still go there and the bathroom. . . . . . .well!

So here's the good news God cares about you. Don't take my word for it seek Him for 30 days- He's just like Jennie Craig He'll take off the weight .

Give Him the time to change things, if you aren't completely satisfied He will gladly refund your misery , no questions asked.

In all seriousness, think about it, what have you got to lose if I am wrong and millions of Christians were wrong about Jesus , a little pride? embarrasment? wow. . . . . . . but what if I'm right and God is real, then you could stand to gain some serious blessings like heaven, better life, positive outlook, trust, stability and a more abundant life or if you do nothing just that other unpopular thing many don't think is real . . . . . . hell.

Does it matter how many people are wrong about other things? Christian Salvation is not rocket science, its' neither a group thought, but its personal.

So what is involved in a personal ride to heaven?

First realize all have sinned and come short of heavens standard- no kidding!

Second know that the wages of sin is death- not physical death, but spiritual death (seperation from God)

Third realize that while we are still sinners (and always will be) Christ died for us

And finally that if we confess with our mouth and believe in our heart that Jesus died for our sins and rose again. . . . . WAIT 1-Minute- ROSE AGAIN?

Yes I know , but you need to believe with your heart not your head! and thou (you) SHALL BE SAVED. Saved from what? A second death!

So how do I place my trust in Jesus? Well when I talk with people I call that conversation, when I talk with my wife I call that a waste of time, and when I talk with God I call that prayer, so through prayer tell God about your shortcomings and ask him for His perfect plan by accepting His perfect Son to get to His perfect place some day when you die.

JUST TALK WITH GOD HE WANTS TO HEAR FROM YOU! "for with the heart man beleiveth unto rightousness and with the mouth man confesseth unto salvation" just tell God all about your needs and and invite Him into your heart to stay. . . . . after all out of the heart are the issues of life!

PS- please come to heaven with us . . . . . . . . .Felix Wankel was saved!

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