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 Kurt Robertson Enterprises, at the heart of rotary performance since 1983! 

Mazda has exported many vehicles in fifty years , but my passion has always been focused on the eight 1969-2012 rotary-engined vehicles since their introduction despite the general publics inability to embrace their concept or see their value.


For 40 years, since 1983, I have driven, bought, collected, disassembled and inventoried over 300 of these eight rotary powered cars despite the funny looks and disdain by the average automotive enthusiasts. My first car a 1974 RX4 coupe I purchased in the summer of 1977 was nothing short of awesome


The R100,RX2,RX3,RX4 ,REPU, Cosmo and SA RX7 have become modern classics and are rightfully finding their way into the hands of owners that are looking to invest, restore and improve the performance of these unique vehicles.


I pride myself in having one of North Americas' largest product offerings of stock, performance and no longer available used inventory dedicated specifically to the first seven rotary-powered vehicles as well as the RX8. I invite you to try to find a more extensive Old School parts selection!

Feel free to directly contact me with your old school needs and technical questions at


                                                            Kurt Robertson

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