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Rotary Review
The 1971 10A reborn in the 2004-2012 RX8
RX7 values
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Rotary Review

Look closely at the picture 
 1978 Cosmo
 1974 Cosmo
 1990 RX7 Convertible
 1979 RX7
 2004 RX8
1974 REPU
1974 RX2 Coupe
1976 RX3 Sedan
RX3 Coupe
RX3 wagon
RX4 sedan
RX4 Wagon
RX4 Coupe
Having owned no less than ten of every model except the R-100 (6), FD (0) and the new fangled RX8 (2) I would consider myself an enthusiast and would like to tell you about my driving experience in these models as they appeared stock


Mazda kicks it into high gear!
This year I've had quite a few RX8 owners who have been told by Mazda  that their engine is bad. With OEM soft parts weighing in at well over $2100 and better than OEM soft parts weighing in at $1900, not to mention rotor housings at $700 a pop I decided I would do some research a cheaper engine cost.
 My main concern with a Mazda short block has been ongoing since 1980. It seems that the "NEW" engines they sell are just rebuilt and some engines have new housings and some don't .

The 1971 10A reborn in the 2004-2012 RX8

Just when we as rotory enthusiasts had made peace with the 110-130K mile rebuild Mazda produced the RENESIS engine spelled C-R-A-P. 
That sick, anxious and often disappointing feeling trying to start a 1969-73 top start twin distributor 10A or 12 A fit in a neat body like a R100, RX2 or RX3 had all but faded from our memories, until the RX8.
 In defense of the R-100,RX2 and RX3 a 1974 and up engine upgrade was a wonderful fix. . . . until 2004.
Mazda has stopped production in 2012 , for good reason , but not before shooting all us rotor heads squarely in the head.

RX7 values

 Unmolested  first gen RX-7s SA & FB values are going the same way the R-100s, RX2,RX3, RX4 , Cosmos and REPUs . A littre bit of  a slower rate due to high production numbers , but never the less they have bottomed around 2009 and are have been increasing in value ever since. There are two main  factors that are driving the first gen value up in North America.
First there are many enthusiasts that customize and modify their car and run the rotary simply to compete with the muriad of 30 year newer and $30K more expensive street cars & bikes.
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